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Our mission is build the next generation of factories by empowering manufacturers to connect, execute, and transform their operations with products that are powerful and accessible. At Amper, we understand that your shop is more than just your machines. That's why we've created the only production management solution that connects your people, processes and assets in one place–no complex integrations required. With Amper, you can get up and running quickly and gain real-time visibility into every corner of your shop floor. Plus, our manufacturing expertise runs deep, so we can guide you on the journey to the shop you’ve always dreamed of. Say hello to smooth operations. Say hello to Amper.
401k's built like brokerage accounts. Buy and sell stocks directly, own crypto, and divest from issues like fossil fuels...all tax-free. Completely risk managed and personalized for you.
6 jobs is a HIPAA-compliant platform enabling meaningful and intelligent conversations between providers and consumers. is a fully-automated, AI-powered marketing chat solution that can be implemented at scale. The company offers industry-leading authoring, webchat, and AI machine-learning capabilities to quickly and effectively convert more customers.’s Integrated Analytics Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of chat campaigns across multiple channels such as web and Facebook Messenger. The API-based interface can be used to transfer leads, transcripts, and data into enterprise sales and marketing automation products like Salesforce, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Zoho.
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Breinify’s mission is to democratize data science. Today, we have built a powerful predictive personalization at scale platform for consumer enterprises. Our lightweight platform enables consumer brand marketers to deliver powerful personalization in real-time without having to support an in-house data science team. Breinify customers includeBevMo!, Duraflame, Hidden Valley Ranch, and many more to drive $125M in new revenue, 20x results (between split testing) for 2+ page visits, and +105% in CRM growth. Breinify technology is powered by our proprietary AI which blends traditional machine learning and complex temporal algorithms to learn, react, be proactive, and make extremely granular intelligent decisions that vary for each individual at any time. In 2021, Breinify has up-sold to >80% of existing customers with incredible land and expand / GTM strategies. Breinify is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Raised a $11M oversubscribed seed round led by Gutbrain Ventures, PBJ Capital, and Streamlined Ventures. Participation from CXO Fund, Startup Capital Ventures, Amino Capital, Sterling Road, and others.
Compaas helps growing companies make smarter decisions around compensation, communicate better with their employees, and avoid mistakes. It offers a Compensation Intelligence Platform that helps companies manage their operating expense: employee compensation. The platform provides compensation analytics and strategy tools for startups and enterprise companies.
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Simply put, we’re chicken people. What started as a quirky hobby more than 15 years ago, has turned into a passion project for all things backyard farming. We launched the coop co/op to help more people experience the countless unconventional joys of chickens to everyone, no matter how much experience or time you have, and create a community of like-minded hobby farmers along the way. Our mission is to make backyard to table a reality for all, and the launch of the coop co/op is our first step towards that.
Mobile ordering at your restaurant. Simple and comission free. Sell anywhere with a lightweight mobile ordering solution that just works.
Cred Protocol is a decentralized credit score that quantifies risk at scale and expands access to DeFi lending.
Dobby is bringing American homeownership into the 21st century with digital transformation, AI, and a socially conscious community that benefits everyone. TechCrunch Top Pick in AI/ ML - 2019. Founded by ex-DataRobot (AI Unicorn) and ex-Uber. Dobby takes decision-making and hassles out of homeownership and maintenance. With Dobby, homeowners get the ease of luxury apartment living and maximize their largest investment: their home. Founded originally as Halos, Dobby is currently running operations in the DC metro area. Early investors: Techstars, Plug and Play Ventures, Jeremy Achin (DataRobot).
Federato is an underwriting platform for insurance carriers that provides real-time insights to encourage empowerment, good risk taking and strong decision-making at all levels of underwriting.
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Fitbod for iOS and Android equips gym-goers with a deeply personalized workout plan, allowing users to maximize the use of indoor gym equipment and practice effective strength training. Using machine learning, Fitbod analyzes your tracked workout data to build a real-time strength-training plan tailored to your physical capability, available equipment and fitness goals. By turning activity data into a concrete fitness guidance, Fitbod innovates beyond current fitness apps, which offer fixed exercise plans that can’t adapt to unique user needs. Headquartered in downtown San Francisco, Fitbod is backed by angel investor Jason Calacanis and TechNexus Venture Collaborative. The company was founded by Allen Chen (CEO / Technical Head) and Jesse Venticinque (Product Head, Designer). Our small team consists of diversified experts and fitness professionals who all share one thing in common: a passion for fitness.
Five to Nine's easy-to-use platform helps organizers manage and evaluate company events - both virtual and in-person. From ERG events and programs to manager training and recruiting events, we help organizers streamline program management into one tool. Our platform automates organizer's busy work while helping to scale multiple events, integrate their workflows, and collect insightful event analytics and feedback.