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Head of Growth

Puzzle Financial

Puzzle Financial

Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development · Full-time
150,000 – 200,000 USD per year
Posted on Friday, February 24, 2023

About Puzzle

We are an early-stage fintech startup that is well funded, with an ambitious vision, and led by an experienced team.

We are committed to building a world-class team and cultivating an equal opportunity workplace based on mutual respect. We know that new ideas can come from anywhere in the organization, and the next big idea could be yours.

We incubated Puzzle inside one of the largest and most successful VC funds, with additional support from a syndicate of 100+ venture-backed CFOs and the angels who built top financial solutions such as Stripe, Brex, Mercury, Gusto, Plaid, Silicon Valley Bank, Carta, Long Term Stock Exchange, Runway, Square, Robinhood, Vareto, Angellist, Trivium, and founder communities Y-Combinator, Village Global, On Deck Founders, and more.

The Problem We’re Solving

Founders and CFOs describe trying to make their biggest financial decisions today as trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. Without all the pieces, in the right order, it’s hard to see a complete picture of a company.

We want every company to make confident, data-driven financial decisions, which means they need real-time, accurate data. But today financial data is stitched together from unconnected data silos, into delicate spreadsheets, manually reviewed and organized, in a process that takes weeks using software built in the 80s and 90s, expensive consultants, manual work and/or pulling engineers off more important projects. This is not a failure of the accounting and finance teams; it is a failure of their software. This is a perfect example of Schlep Blindness, a problem that exists right in front of us but hasn’t been solved.

We’re here to fix this.

We are rebuilding the core financial infrastructure for a modern company. Let’s connect decision-makers with real-time data and insights to build a successful company for their customers, their shareholders, and their employees. Let’s enable the next generation of fintech to have trusted data to build the next set of financial innovations for startups. We can make accounting and finance their competitive advantage.

Job description

You will be the founding growth person at Puzzle, defining our positioning in market, building community, and driving content. You thrive on responsibility and have worked your entire career to launch the next big thing. You are a jill or jack of all trades, but know your limitations and when expert help will drive a step function of business value because at the end of the day, what you value most is building an iconic company.

Compensation is a combination of cash and equity, commensurate with experience. Range is a combination of cash ($150-$200k) plus equity to start, and we will codevelop an incentive bonus structure.

Our team is remote across the US, but we (will) have an optional, drop-in office in San Francisco.

Your Responsibilities

GTM Strategy

  • Define and prioritize our growth roadmap that aligns our business, our partners, and our customer's success.
  • Define customer segments and acquisition/sales messaging
  • You execute on a plan, but always have a backup plan ready.
  • You define what type of content, community and performance marketing means, and how we blend them together to create a winning playbook.

Growth Planning & Goal Setting

  • Work closely with leadership to prioritize and align the roadmap with company goals.
  • Balance customer and business goals, including contingency plans for unanticipated changes or as we learn something new.
  • Understand and believe in community, content, but anchor decisions in data.

Deliver Impact

  • Work across partners, channels and communities to make the relationships successful.
  • Track and measure key metrics to validate the results of our efforts. Create a tight feedback loop to guide our roadmap.
  • Constantly running tests to identify what is the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
  • We are a small team, so you feel comfortable stepping in and working on a variety of projects.

Your Background

  • Years of experience don’t matter as much as experience launching successful startups and build that initial growth momentum. Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in growth, marketing or sales.
  • Have working knowledge of the startup and venture community, bonus points if you were a founder or investor yourself.
  • You prioritize ruthlessly and are motivated by outcomes, not output.
  • Comfort with ambiguity; the ability to independently lay out and test clear hypotheses, and solve problems without well-defined direction.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Puzzle Financial is an equal opportunity employer.
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